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Tianjin city law can apply law branch to hold water
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This network news on April 30, tianjin city law can apply law branch to hold congress of first time member in Tianjin industry university, the election produced leader orgnaization and leading group, xiao Jiang is elected for chairman. The great sense that the high understanding that the conference puts forward to want to build socialistic harmony society from compose enhances law construction and applied law research; Insist to lead law the way of research with socialistic law concept; Hold to everything from set out actually, integration of theory with practice. This branch is the first branch that Tianjin city law meets, main task is natural resources of research of conformity application law, begin applied law to consider, for Tianjin city economy the society develops and law construction practice serves. Politics and law of Tianjin municipal Party committee appoint, leader of university of industry of society of law of department of propaganda of municipal Party committee, city, city and concerned unit chief, member attends the meeting on behalf of 200 people.

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