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Expert of learned man of group of law of city of organization of society of Tian
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Expert of learned man of group of law of city of organization of society of Tianjin city law, law discusses the seventeen big report that studies a party On October 23 morning, city law can summon expert of scholar of share of group of city law, law, begin study with respect to the seventeen big report of the party, discuss. Everybody combines respective working domain and range, fulfil with respect to what scientific progress watchs respectively, basic level democracy is driven with what the people's livelihood builds, the compose of social life community is built, the law of rural farmer worth is protection, urban and rural praedial distinction is treated, depend on general plan of law manage state affairs and procuratorial work authority fulfil, I, personage attending the meeting undertook be discussinged deep to the problem of collective care, conference atmosphere is enthusiastic. The conference still leaves chapter of one phase law with respect to Tianjin city how is Tianjin contacted to fulfilled scientific progress view actually to exchange an opinion in establishing the job. The conference in Dali 100 city law learns the office to hold, city law learns the first vice-chairman to Han Huamin moderates and speak. City law learned Lan Shaojiang of full-time vice-chairman Li Shaodong, vice-chairman to attend the meeting. College of business of university of university, Tianjin Normal University, Tianjin industry, Tianjin, Tianjin leaves south the law scholar of the unit such as office of the procuratorate of branch of law of economy of city of branch of city application law, Tianjin, city, attorney that hit water and law, branch of Tianjin citizen law (chip) , credit of Tianjin city procedural law is met (chip) , branch of Tianjin city jurisprudence (chip) prepare to construct chief attended the meeting.