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Expect what China uses law to flourish more
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Expect what China uses law to flourish more

-- write at China of top people court to apply law institute 15 years during what celebrating

Jiang Anjie

On March 1, 2006

Heart of Shenyang of top people court chants assistant dean to point out, law from go up at all saying is a technology, applying law to consider is the main component that law studies, people court studies in applied law the respect has distinct advantage, one what appear in judicatory solid Wu is fresh case, what each discovers in case cognizance is brand-new problem, can become us to use the vivid material that law studies.

On the meeting of dean of countrywide High Court that holds at the beginning of this year, dean Xiao Yang put forward to advance people court career to develop must 10 sides that appropriate has handled concern, the relation of these 10 respects is people the major task in research of forensic application law, ought to regard current people as the main task that forensic application law studies.

Beijing east hand in civilian alley 27, seat of well-known top people court, groom one new building is majestic solemn and respectful, air is august.

In this respect and admire making a person advocate building on the west side, silent is establishing an ordinary white three-layer small building, institute of law of application of China of top people court is located here. Because did not hang marked fascia, this professional research organization perhaps not well known, but this research group that by 10 researcher composition has law doctor's degree 7 times among them is bearing the weight of however reform of people court administration of justice and the important task that use law research.

On Feburary 21, 2006, china of top people court applies law institute to turn over the still former days, greeted 15 years of place to celebrate.

Heart of Shenyang of top people court chants pair of dean introduction, for more be helpful for developing a law adequately to grind the function action of place, courtyard leading Party group discussed a decision 2004, the administrative system that uses law institute to China, inside set orgnaization and working function to undertake be adjustmented necessarily, grind the law place establishs the special orgnaization that reforms research and applied law research to be engaged in judicatory independently afresh, according to the requirement of courtyard leading Party group, the law after rebuilding grinds the central task of place is, assume the particular job that people court administration of justice reforms, begin applied law actively on this foundation to consider.

Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Yun Teng's director says institute of Chinese application law, come 15 years, the law grinds the staff member of the older generation of place and new generation tries hard wholeheartedly, firewood fire according to legend, in begin applied law research, summary to try experience, for the country legal system is built and the development of people judicatory career contributes the respect such as achievement and wisdom, had indefatigable effort, especially court of top 1992 people decides to establish, grind by the law an organization is editorial " people court case is chosen " series a series of books, bear the weight of as the judge collective wisdom, case guidance reader that inspires judge law thinking, with its authority and accuracy get since publish the extensive welcome of legal group, course of study already became a law to grind a of place main brand, will compile 60 collection this year! In writing, this is made up in the case of new China is unique, to promote the case of Chinese characteristic direct system accumulated experience, made contribution.
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