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Shanghai gives new rule the severe outfit that hit the home overspends beforehan
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Perplex the price difference between the domestic decorate budget of owner and settle accounts for a long time, have eventually nowadays compasses but abide.

The reporter decorated guild to learn from Shanghai adornment yesterday, this city first " Shanghai residence adornment decorates service level " will carry out inside year, " service standard " clear, in construction project and material changeless circumstance falls, beforehand settle accounts price difference does not exceed 5% commonly.

Overspend complain happen from time to tome

This year in June, ms. Wu that lives in Yang Pu area decides for the 2 rooms that buy newly one office building undertakes decorating, makings of specially contractor bag gives a decorate the company, place budgetary price to be 100 thousand yuan finally. In construction process, ms. Wu paid 80 thousand yuan of budget the money by this company provision. But when decorate finishing after checking and accept, when settle accounts going before Ms. Wu is taking 20 thousand outstanding yuan, be informed to want to add 14 thousand yuan again however. The reason of packaging company is, the floor that the budget comes down surely at that time and ceramic tile had risen in price, and material is more than be being used when the budget. Ms. Wu rejects to increase fund again, but unit price of amount of useful material of this packaging company, material is card, ms. Wu is obliged to bury sheet according to settle accounts price finally.

The reporter understands from door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, resemble exceeding apparently so estimated domestic decorate dispute happens from time to tome. The difference of computational result around that some packaging companies use loss of material, material is very big, and the decorate clause to a few faintness, without the description of detail sex, such packaging companies are very easy first with low temptation, make owner drops into settle accounts price " overspend trap " .

The personage inside packaging line of business told a reporter yesterday, exceed a budget to already made the main income of many packaging companies. Packaging company uses the method of project of tax evasion decorate commonly previously, give you intentionally in the budget to leak a few, price on the low side, a lot of owner see total prices only, when the ability when final close an account knows to be duped. Some packaging companies take the business with low directly now, high price comes settle accounts, wait for owner to examine minutely, construction group pushs those who purchase, purchase what postpone construction, end up with nothing definite finally.

Disappear protects a branch to ever received many owner report, some packaging companies rise in price with material, a variety of reason such as material loss, price difference overspends between budgetary price and settle accounts price 10% already was common occurrence, tall be in even 20% above. City adornment decorates guild vice-chairman Huang Zhen to say, because lack the material loss with unified industry to limit a criterion, although complain authoritative branch to also be solved hard, owner can eat be unable to speak out about one's grievances only.
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