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Steely soldier Mi Jianping
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A few days ago, xinjiang production builds corps farming intermediate people court carries out 6 division Mi Jianping of front courtyard presiding judge is awarded " countrywide outstanding judge " honorary title. Mi Jianping won case party and complete courtyard policemen with outstanding outstanding achievement reputably, the policemen of politics and law that gains satisfaction of outstanding officeholder, people for many times, farming 6 division court of model worker, corps is outstanding the judge is honorary. 2005, the Xinjiang production that he is in builds corps farming intermediate people court carries out 6 division front courtyard also is judged to be countrywide court to carry out the job advanced collective.

Soldier of iron and steel

The figure that always can see in difficulty, dangerous executive spot Mi Jianping is busy and the face that hang Man Hanzhu. 2003, mi Jianping goes to Qinghai to be carried out one case old not hold when hard bone case, because hill high road slips to produce traffic accident unfortunately, cause his whole body 7 place fracture, only right leg with respect to 3 place fracture, still having one place is to smash of the gender. 3 operations, systemic suture amounts to 140 much needles, there is in order to of 6 armor plates to secure bone in the body, full countervail pain torment. According to the doctor's requirement, he wants lie in bed inside at least one year sanatorium, more cannot abundantly moves. Otherwise, wounded part cicatrizations very hard thoroughly, leave deformity possibly even. But below the situation that Mi Jianping just stabilizes in injury affection, disregard the doctor's dissuasion, the north and south that returned working station to go up to be set foot on together with comrades border the carry out road of hardships.

In the street with busy city on, on rural cragged alley, in field, in edge of a field, often appear he uses sanded cloth to aing string of 1 arm, a leg is returned lamely form. As a result of cut not heal, armor plate was not taken out, as a result whenever before change of weather, blow in raining, he is met all over biting ache, his only useful and firm volition and acetanilide piece making difficult dispute with ailment, namely such, in those days he still is farming 6 division two class court hold bear case is most, hold the highest policemen of knot mark.

Went a few years, his again and again in order to work busy for defer an operation to till armor plate is broken,take out the time of armor plate inside body, the doctor makes the telephone call to the deanery, the dean gives orders to quit all his jobs, he just must operation of be in hospital takes out the spring that rupture. Originally 6 armor plate, 13 became however after be being taken out. Look at the board with not full incomplete, the doctor shakes shake one's head say: "Had not seen can bear so, so the person that disregards cherish body. " comrades also affectionately weighs him " steely soldier " .
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