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Tianjin city applies law learning annual meeting first times to hold
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First learning annual meeting holds branch of law of application of society of Tianjin city law

On November 16, 2007, annual meeting of the first learning is in branch of law of application of society of Tianjin city law grammatical Lou Long holds Tianjin industry university again. Annual meeting theme is: Learn seventeen great mind deep, implement scientific progress concept in the round; Implement policy of criminal of aid of broad severe look, harmony of stimulative Tianjin socioeconomy develops. Annual meeting gets a paper in all 52, choose first prize paper 3, second-class award paper 4, paper of third class award 6. To paper of bear the palm the author held prize-giving ceremony on the meeting.

Phase of delibrate of annual meeting learning makes a speech by theme of masterpiece of 6 bear the palm, university law courtyard leaves south the person that invite punishment law strong associate professor of annals of king of courtyard of law of college of business of Liu Shixin's associate professor, Tianjin makes a speech to the theme undertook commenting on. Of the speech that represents with 6 and 2 professors comment on for the center, annual meeting around: 1, policy of criminal of aid of broad severe look is judicatory policy or the total criminal policy that cover legislation after all; 2, public security organs manages how 4 old systems implement policy of aid of broad severe look in respective job; 3, how is policy of aid of broad severe look reflected in criminal legislation; 4, policy of aid of broad severe look whether undertake system compose is built; 5, aid of broad severe look and the issue that decide 5 respects such as the relation of the quantity freely spread out to discuss ardently.

Politics and law of municipal Party committee appoint law of vice secretary, city learns vice-chairman Li Xinmin, city law learns Han Huamin of the first vice-chairman, law of vice director of council of judicatory of internal affairs of city National People's Congress, city learns standing vice-chairman Liu Anju, city law learns full-time vice-chairman Li Shaodong, city law met the leader comrade such as vice-chairman Lan Shaojiang to attend the meeting. Politics and law of municipal Party committee of delegate of Li Xinmin's secretary appoint made important speech, requirement branch pays attention to the integration of theory with practice, application that pays attention to research achievement more to change more in the job henceforth, the theory that hopes all branch member passes oneself considers to be carried out with the job, the scientific progress that is Tianjin, harmonious development, take the lead in developing make due contribution.

Li Shaodong vice-chairman learns a speech on behalf of city law, hold to the success of annual meeting express congratulation, the working outstanding achievement since holding water to branch gave affirm adequately and commend.

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