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New rule comes on stage: Electronic rubbish privately tears open solution highes
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A few days ago, by national environmental protection total bureau makes " prevention and cure of environment of electronic trash pollution runs way " (the following abbreviation " " method " " ) come on stage formally, electronic trash tears open solution to will appear " regular army " , and do not have what tear open solution according to management electron trash, highest can punish 500 thousand yuan.

It is reported, our country has many 600 many 500 many 500 many 400 television, washing machine, freezer, computer and 30 million mobile phones every year to enter about fall into disuse period.

Non-standard tear open solution easy pollution

Fan Yuansheng of director of department of control of pollution of total bureau of national environmental protection is being accepted when interviewing, express, in recent years, a few areas of our country use primitive and backward means to tear open solution, use, deal with electronic litter, cause serious environment pollution.

As we have learned, transactor of illegal electron rubbish tears open next useful resistor, capacitance to wait for yuan of parts of an apparatus from inside the product first, reoccupy pickling abstraction gives precious metal, obtain profit, next will other yuan parts of an apparatus is not buried via any processing burn at will or be being filled.

The process is here medium, the chemical composition in electronic rubbish can pollute soil, source of water, use a plant, cause a harm finally to human health.

Privately tears open solution highest punish 500 thousand

Fan Yuansheng expresses, bring into the activity of litter of electron of buy of good of the benefit that tear open solution legal system to change course, it is the consequent need that administers electronic litter pollution. It is reported, this " method " will carry out at rising on Feburary 1, 2008.

" method " regulation, will prohibit henceforth open air burns electronic trash and write the kind that bury directly, must undertake tearing open solving in technical operation place.

Be engaged in electronic trash tear open outside removing to do an environment to affect evaluation, construction to pollute establishment of prevention and cure lawfully, branch of environmental protection of prefectural class above tears open the unit of solution and individual to build directory to be engaged in electronic trash even, undertake announcing. Include directory only (include temporarily directory) unit (contain individual and industrial and commercial door) just can undertake activity of buy of good of the benefit that tear open solution.

And those did not obtain right of administration " stragglers and disbanded soldiers " will face disaster, stipulate by industrial and commercial administration the branch is banned, confiscate tool, equipment to wait, still can be in 50 thousand yuan of above 500 thousand yuan of the following amerce. And reject the spot to check, can be in with 2000 yuan of above 20 thousand yuan of the following amerce, those who make crime, investigate criminal duty lawfully.
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