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Apply law branch annual meeting to hold
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On November 16, first learning annual meeting is in branch of law of application of Tianjin law society Tianjin industry university is humanitarian hold with court of law courtyard imitate, this the conference also is Tianjin law group first academic annual meeting, be taken seriously of leader of expert of major of each college law highly by the thing branch such as public security organs and Tianjin. Tianjin law can apply Xiao Jiang of law branch chairman, reputation chairman Zhang Chungong chaired this second meeting. Politics and law of municipal Party committee appoint law of vice secretary, city learns vice-chairman Li Xinmin, city law learns Han Huamin of the first vice-chairman, law of vice director of council of judicatory of internal affairs of city National People's Congress, city learns standing vice-chairman Liu Anju, city law learns full-time vice-chairman Li Shaodong, city law met the leader comrade such as vice-chairman Lan Shaojiang to attend the meeting. The law expert of Tianjin, scholar and worker of each solid Wu branch attended delibrate.

This the conference is can apply law branch and Tianjin industry university to be sponsorred jointly by Tianjin law, law of associated Tianjin National People's Congress is versed in appoint, Tianjin politics and law appoint, Tianjin each court procuratorate and Tianjin university, south open the college such as Normal University of university, Tianjin, give priority to a problem with the application of policy of legislation of benefit of broad severe look, reach its to be in around the understanding to policy of legislation of benefit of broad severe look legislative, judicatory, execute the law the application in the process spreads out delibrate.

The paper that this second conference receives arrival to be sent from each more than 50, congress evaluation group judges a paper of first prize of first prize paper in all 3, second-class award paper 4, paper of third class award 6. In the conference " the reflection that implements policy of aid of broad severe look in process of parole of commute a sentence " wait for 6 articles to explain to public by the author on behalf of article of bear the palm, university law courtyard leaves south criminal law scholar strong associate professor of annals of king of courtyard of law of college of business of Liu Shixin's associate professor, Tianjin makes a speech to the theme undertook commenting on. Scholar attending the meeting, worker and spread out to discuss in school student.

Politics and law of municipal Party committee of delegate of final Li Xinmin's secretary appoint made important speech, requirement branch pays attention to the integration of theory with practice, application that pays attention to research achievement more to change more in the job henceforth, the theory that hopes all branch member passes oneself considers to be carried out with the job, the scientific progress that is Tianjin, harmonious development, take the lead in developing make due contribution.
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