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2007 China law teachs forum to be held in Nanjing
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Came on November 30, 2007 on December 2, committee of guidance of education of course of law of colleges and universities of Ministry of Education and annual meeting of seminar of education of law of Chinese law society and forum of Chinese law education are in Nanjing to hold.

The conference learns family education to coach committee and Chinese law learn law to taught seminar board to undertake reelecting to law of colleges and universities of Ministry of Education, the important heat problem that teachs the advanced law education such as method of education target and mode, teaching and method with respect to Chinese law undergraduate course undertook delibrate, more than 350 delegate that comes from countrywide each college attended the meeting.

On this conference, professor of courtyard of law of article of Tianjin industry university, my meeting is like powerful chairman to be elected for director.

This second annual meeting and forum save senior people court and Nanjing Normal University to undertake by Jiangsu.

-- ,Tianjin city law can apply law branch