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Tianjin city law learns civil code credit to be able to hold water
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On December 16, tianjin city law learns civil code credit to be able to be in institute of law of Tianjin Normal University to hold water.

After establishing plenary session, held " the theory of tort liability law and practice " academic seminar. Law of liability of director of research center of science of law of civilian trade issue, tort basically drafts Chinese people university person Professor Yang Lixin did a problem to be on invitation " tort liability law drafts a certain number of medium heat problems " thematic report; University law courtyard leaves south the scholar also is in the civil code of Tianjin law group such as Zhang Jingliang of institute of judge of Professor Chen Yaodong, Tianjin's associate professor wonderful presentation was made on the seminar.

Should the arrangement of the person that the conference is sponsorred, professor Xiao Jiang holds the position of courtyard of law of article of university of industry of my conference chairman, Tianjin commented on a person to undertake commenting on to the report of afore-mentioned scholars.

-- , Tianjin city law can apply law branch