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Top magic art: Content counterpoises kind of dispute promotion for civil case on
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Report from our correspondent (reporter Wang Yang) the reporter learned yesterday, top people court was announced a few days ago " civil case brief of a case sets " , will rise to be carried out formally on April 1 this year. According to this regulation, content counterpoises kind of one class brief of a case that dispute will be promoted to be civil case.

Introduce according to spokesman of news of top people court, civil case brief of a case is the name of civil contentious case, it reflected the nature that the civil law that case place involves concerns, the height that the law that is pair of lawsuit controversy concerns is wraparound. System of science, perfect civil case brief of a case, be helpful for party already accurate choice appeals to by, convenient party lawsuit, also be helpful for raising people court the level that lawsuit of accurate in civil put on record and adjudgement affirmatory case contends for dot and correct and applicable law.

According to introducing, in January 2001, top people court ever was promulgated carried out " civil case brief of a case sets (try out) " , as in recent years of new civil law be made ceaselessly and carry out, especially the fair alms giving of matter right law goes, urgent need undertakes editing to original provision, supplementary content counterpoises brief of a case is kind of dispute case one class brief of a case. In the 7th complete countryman thing tries working conference to go up, top people court is opposite certainly " civil case brief of a case sets (try out) " undertake editing. Recently, via revising formation new regulation, rule to be obtained on the 1438th meeting of committee in top people court discuss through.

Before matter right law is carried out, jural did not provide matter power system, old regulation counterpoises content kind of case belonged to kind of dispute to undertake formulary as authority. After revising " civil case brief of a case sets " counterpoise according to content law, counterpoise content the civil case such as kind of dispute and character authority, creditor's rights is paratactic for kind of special civil brief of a case, make the importance of case of matter right issue gets attention adequately, of law of the authority that it is content carry out smoothly created good condition.

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Civil brief of a case is classified

With civil law the relation is a foundation, combine active legislation and adjudgement practice, authority of case of humanness of cent of will civil brief of a case, marriage family is dispute of right of successive, matter, creditor's rights, labor and human affairs controversy, intellectual property, maritime brine business, carry the civil issue that concern with railroad, wait for case of applicable and the civil issue that concern, special program with bill of company negotiable securities, regard the first class as brief of a case.

Below brief of a case of the first class, those who consider a system is complete wait for an element with division of labor of civil trial business, differentiated brief of a case of 30 the 2nd class. Listed below brief of a case of the 2nd class the commonnest in practice with the brief of a case of the 3rd class that uses extensively in all 361.
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