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Tianjin city law can apply law branch brief introduction
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Tianjin city law can apply law branch brief introduction Tianjin city law can apply law branch to held water on April 30, 2007, by Tianjin industry the university is humanitarian with politics and law of municipal Party committee of law courtyard, Tianjin appoint execute the law standing committee of National People's Congress of city of supervisory place, Tianjin the law is versed in appoint, legal system of Tianjin municipal government does, Tianjin city 8 units initiate bureau of administration of justice of town of public security bureau of city of procuratorate of city of High Court, Tianjin, Tianjin, Tianjin jointly. This branch is organization of the first professional science, be subordinate to belongs to Tianjin city law to meet. Of this branch hold water, initiated Tianjin city law to learn to establish the precedent of law major learned society lawfully, started learning of Tianjin law major to organize the first pace that health grows, to Tianjin law learning of 100 gardens flourishing have important sense with prosperity. The research domain of this branch involves law of branch of our country collectivity, the application of achievement of theory of applicable theory and technology, law changes theory of stress research legislation and technology, law, the difficulty problem of the generation in be being carried out with respect to law and new issue offer adviser to seek advice to concern a section, design solution. This branch leads orgnaization and member first times: Reputation chairman: Glutinous Chinese Yi drips? chairman: Xiao Jiang teachs (assistant dean of courtyard of law of article of Tianjin industry university) vice-chairman: Yao Fuqing (politics and law of municipal Party committee appoint execute the law supervisory department section chief) , xing Fugui (legal system of city public security bureau manages a director) , sun Yongping (director of lab of bureau of town administration of justice) Jin Jinan (director of city High Court lab) , zhu Jing (director of city procuratorate lab) , liu Gang (standing committee of city National People's Congress the law is versed in appoint section chief) , wang Zhiwei (city legal system runs strong point of administrative law institute) secretary-general: Liu Xiangdong's associate professor (courtyard of law of article of Tianjin industry university) business address: Extension line of Tianjin city Bin Shuixi line, tianjin industry university is grammatical building 412 phone: 022-83956768; 022-83956968