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Fellow GUO Xing Google company to bow to Chinese law
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Google Inc. wants to stay in China? Of course. Otherwise, it can completely destroy the "google.cn" site, it's joint venture in China Gu Xiang, Chinese companies need not apply for further ICP licenses. In the final analysis , Before the law in China, Google eventually lower the arrogance of the head. However, Google does not seem to let go. Side so that the agent for a license on the one hand letting his senior post to a blog post, claiming that "to ensure that Google.cn not the commitment to review the search results." Thus, the global network has not seen the history of the strange phenomenon of the search, click on "Google.cn" there will be "We have moved to Google.hk.com" prompt, and then tap on to the "Google.hk.com" . In other words, Google wants to stay in China, the preservation of the so-called "Google.cn" economic interests, want to use the tips at the way the Western media continue to score, but this game seems tricky, but in reality poor. Over the past few months, Google is enough to toss. Around the world, Google Inc., although proclaiming "Do not be evil" commercial principles, but full of trouble, has been condemned by many countries. In China, Google's anti- Repeatedly, the number of people involved in the energy, interfering with the lives of many people, and now Google has Chinese netizens is impatient. Long survey, about 87% of the respondents out of Google users, "no", only about 13% of users surveyed said "it is a pity." More and more Chinese people on both sides to see the Google approach. Chinese people are really Google can honestly hope to do business in China, if it is really like. In fact, I was informed that Google still wanted to stay. A few weeks ago, Google vice president of the Chinese government had made a commitment: As a major international companies, even though (to remain in China) that would have been some Criticism of the media and politicians, to pay a certain price. Will come to the United States and the European Parliament to give evidence, Google also made it clear that business in China must abide by Chinese laws. If words are not lies, but Google's commitment to good faith, then Google should be 100% of its commitment not to dwell on what cheap is accounted for. Chinese Government's attitude has always been clear: "If the company is willing to abide by Google Chinese law, we still welcome Google and development company operating in China; if the company insisted on Google Google search service in China to withdraw the site, it is Google's own thing. " Both want to have economic interests, want to political and moral in the Western media on the score, in the end most likely 竹篮打水一场空. Now, Google's volume of traffic and users are rapidly declining, the image of Google Inc. Even in the Western world is also increasingly being criticized for its "do not be evil" principle almost became the laughing stock of the international public opinion. In this case, Google's executives should seriously consider it. Why a trend has led high-tech world, the Internet company, would like to regress a little bit and change it? Market competition in the Information Age War, as against the current, a slight mistake to be destroyed, and no lack of precedent for large companies will soon collapse. Go on like this, Google should really think about the future of the company? Now, the company's annual rectification Xiang Gu materials just submitted. Chinese authorities are studying, I believe that soon there will be results. However, to get the results, such as companies like Google and eventually everybody happy, but also the Google's ultimate performance. Look smart, in fact exposes the ugly, knocked approach is not possible enrichment.