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Shanghai next year first Safer Cities study and improve the laws and regulations
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City Council Standing Committee yesterday held special study. Party Secretary Yu attended and spoke pointed out that to uphold the party's leadership, people are the masters and the organic unity of the rule of law, unswervingly follow the path of political development with Chinese characteristics. NPC to the practice of innovation in the work, in terms of legislation and supervision to explore new approaches and solve economic and social development of the system bottlenecks, for Shanghai to achieve innovation-driven, transformation and development to provide legal protection. Director Liu Yungeng Municipal People's Congress presided over the meeting to thoroughly study and implement the Party and the Fifth Plenary Session of the Seventeenth Party Plenum request. City leaders a Cui Yin, Ding Xue Xiang, Moses Chan, Zhou Yupeng, Wang Peisheng, Yang Dinghua, Cai Dafeng, Zheng Huiqiang attend. In the special study session, City People's Congress Legal Committee chairman Zhang Ling, deputy chairman of the Division was on Tang, Yuan, chairman of Financial and Economic Committee to sing, chairman of the UNESCO Committee of Sun Yun Wei, the urban construction and environmental protection committee chairman Gan Zhongze, nationals Bei were to be appointed chairman of the instrument, Zhang Aimin, deputy director of personnel on behalf of the Work Committee, the Law Committee of the Lord Rending Wei, budget committee, director of Renlian You, Yu Guosheng, vice chairman of Financial and Economic Committee, UNESCO Wei Gu Xiaomin, etc. Committee members made a statement to how deeply understand and implement the central and municipal plenary session, the Standing Committee to do the work next year, views and suggestions. Yu Zhengsheng pointed out that next year, Shanghai should first focus on improving urban safety. To do this work, we must mobilize the masses together to find a variety of risks involved in urban safety, to fully reflect the opinions of the masses. Congress to sort out, study and perfect the existing laws and regulations, provide an institutional guarantee for urban safety. Second, we must seize the opportunity to achieve Shanghai innovation-driven, transformation and development. NPC comrades to discover, sum up the good grass-roots approach to create a good experience, research and solve problems encountered in the development, to promote the development of Shanghai to find new strategies and ideas to promote the work of improvement. Third, we should further promote the social construction and social management, to management according to law, administration, and promote long-term mechanism for improving urban management. Fourth, special attention to the issue price, so that the interests of farmers and consumers more effectively ensure the people life. Fifth, according to the central deployment, make next year's county, township general work.