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Academic standard and paper are composed
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Explain: This is to answered on March 10, 2005 country of Wang Wei of dean of courtyard of law of civilian business economy teachs college of Chinese politics and law invite the science that makes in this courtyard place to report, be arranged according to recording and become. The author defends a country in king of acknowledgment of this from the bottom of one's heart friendly honest of the dean is asked.

Should tell, a moment ago the dean had told Wang Wei state actually [1] . So, everybody listens to this lecture not to listen to have nothing to do with. If which are occupied afternoon, ask as one pleases.

Special honor has an opportunity to be able to come to courtyard of law of civilian business economy, with so much the law elite in the future discusses the issue of academic standard. Dean Wang a week phones me before, let me be told to everybody " paper writing and academic standard " problem, I do not know how to be written on placard, I today it conversely, be called " academic standard and paper writing " . Why so say? Because my individual thinks, the everybody that paper writing is present especially civilian the paper writing of standard of commercial law, economy, right to speak of my a bit also is done not have. I myself make the history, following standard of your the the most lively now, modernest, most prosperous civilian business economy is complete not of relevant.

I a moment ago listened to Mr. Yu Gong that job of academic graduate student does to introduce, it is entire school is most that the doctoral student of courtyard of law of civilian business economy, Master is born. Can pass so the doctoral student of a lecture and so much, Master is unripe discuss an issue, this is the main reason that I am willing to come today. Tell a bit more objectively, I am not the most appropriate person selected that discusses this subject, be opposite especially the student of law section, professor Liang Zhiping that for instance the congratulate of Beijing University defends artistic academy of square professor, China, Mr Deng Zhenglai that now is Jilin college professor, they are the famous law scholars that propose academic standard the earliest in home. If they will discuss this subject, will tell than me should purer, because they make law, and be the pillar of law group. And, because they are a person of academic or artistic distinction of law group,I believe, if they stand,tell here so, everybody can be agreed with more easily. I this dilettante tell, everybody can have the possibility the manner of a suspicion. Irrespective, dilettante speak dilettante, adept listen, look whether a bit resonance that causes everybody.

Besides the He Wei that a moment ago I mention square, Liang Zhiping, Dengzheng comes besides these 3 scholars of law group, professor of the still has Beijing University old Campagna professor with discussion learning the earliest standard, Lin Yi's husband, Professor Liu Dong waits, also include the Fang Liufang with our old law to teach. That is to say, when academic standard discussing more than 10 years ago, they are me mostly this age paragraph, 40 years old fluctuate, discuss in academic standard at that time in, I am their little brother, the likelihood is age is the smallest, but went more than 10 years, I also the eldest child is not small! The standardization that Mr Deng Zhenglai was initiating learning to consider and mainland are changed after discussing, especially 1998 " Chinese book review " after stop publication, he basically turned to Hayeke's interpreter and research, old Campagna professor basically changes academic history to research, professor Liang Zhiping basically changes legal history to research, defended square professor to change judiciary to the research of reform, and I? Foolish the person has foolish blessing, insist to come down all the time. Besides with Mr Zhang Baosheng common editor in chief " academic standard chrestomathy " and " academic standard introduction " outside, still participate in drafted " science of society of philosophy of colleges and universities studies learning is normative (try out) " , initiate made preparations " forum of standard of learning of scholar of the youth in the capital " , drafted " about scrupulouslying abide by learning normative initiated at 10 o'clock " .
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