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Li Ao: Make a speech in the learning of Beijing University
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Li Ao: Make a speech in the learning of Beijing University

Everybody sees me eventually [numerous laugh] , director, the president, president [numerous laugh] , each honoured guest, each teacher, each child [numerous laugh] ! Will make a speech nervous, nervous. Stand before a public occasion, he can direct a lot of people 1000 army the army of 10 thousand horses, but you let him speak, he with respect to Song, dare not speak. What reason, bravery small, the United States hits the put sb on the spot that wins battle of north and south song orchid is special, direct 1000 army 10 thousand horses are hit win battle, president of forestry and land reclamation asks him to appear on the stage his decoration, let him speak, he is told do not export, why? Be afraid that this plays meaning, one lecture is nervous. The evening before last I wrote a story, confused, a story wrote when daydreaming: Beijing University, a girl enters a cubby, see suddenly be in maly this cubby inside, inside mouth mumble, ambulate back and forth, this girl asks him, you are in why on earth, he I stalk of grain in back lecture, he says your where speech, he says I want to be in Beijing University lecture, the girl asks, are you nervous? He says I am not nervous, the girl says, if you are not nervous why what you do to women's lavatory [numerous laugh] ... this individual joins battle namely [applause, numerous laugh] .

Taiwan has a star, well known woman, be called Cui Taiqing. You do not know this triliteral meaning. Cui, it is boast; Stage, it is a Taiwanese; Green, it is young. Taiwan should rely on to mix, rely on boast, can boast, it is a Taiwanese, it is young is mixed, joining battle is this kind of person [numerous laugh] . He can fool others, deceive can not fool to us you, at least before a period of time fools you [numerous laugh] . Today an important level is you feel, ah, anybody feels to connect the person with battle nice lecture, be about to warn you, you may be very disappointed today, why? Because I cannot be spent,one is a hour, you this idea turns come over, after you had been duped, breathe out namely, I turn this idea very hard come over [numerous laugh, applause] .

I blame a person here, blame my boss, the Liu of phoenix TV station grows happy gentleman, why to want to blame him, he comes to my Gu Qiu to Beijing [applause] . I am sorry, I see you spoke a lot of dialect, reason begs Beijing to come, but I had been in chinese mainland, told on phoenix TV station have many 400, what you comparative to me is familiar, with familiar sight sees me, i. Should say this speech today successful, this is a tall difficulty, you do not understand completely to joining battle, you see him [applause, numerous laugh] . Be familiar with me so, it is a difficulty to me. This difficulty is Liu grows happy boss to cause, so I complain somewhat today.

Should begin always now to discuss subject, papal (say Rome teachs now ancestor, we at that time, the person of older generation, still cry papal) monarch is protected 12 spoke, he says to plan cannot be used when you make a speech, why cannot use plan, state with draft you cannot remember, if yourself cannot remember, how do you let audience remember, you made a speech this to fail, so everybody looks oh [shine the one or two pieces making up the front of a Chinese jacket] , without draft [applause, numerous laugh] . Also do not have small copy, but I took a few testimony,be some, wait for evidence of meeting show off.
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