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Walk into the International Court of Justice
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The Hague is internationally forensic concentration the ground. Besides the famousest the International Court of Justice, before still having U.N. , the southern part of the country border court, and new the international criminal court that establish. The seat of the International Court of Justice is peaceful palace, be located in The Hague downtown, cover an area of 7 hectare, have park, came 1907 American industry home and philanthropist Andrew are used between 1913 build of Si Carnegie giving a money is standing the International Court of Justice. U.N. in 6 main orgnaizations, the International Court of Justice is only is set in the orgnaization beyond new York (5 main orgnaizations are U.N. other the United Nations General Assembly, Security Council, Economic and Social Council, mandatory board and secretariat) .
Peaceful palace is the building of a granite, Sha Yan and red brick, by French architect · division much Nie designs Louie, roof is gray flag, majestic and grand, knead the structure style that suited ancient Rome and Byzantium. Ahead is lawn, openly display a series of figure, make person couplet remembers the tenet of peaceful palace. Belfry of or so side configures chimes, the building is 80 meters tall. Window of the woodcarving that the display inside palace attends place of each country of conference of The Hague peace twice to display, stained glass, enchase design, arras and other artwork, report gives the diversity of world culture.
Since 1946, the International Court of Justice and (predecessor) standing the International Court of Justice is same, take up Holand blocks the room that Neijijijinhui provides to abandon, this foundation is had and manage peaceful palace. 1978, at the back of peaceful palace build a new wing, as the room of discuss official business of the judge's office and court. This wing-room 1997 extend, offer only find a place for more case judges. Of the same age, decorate the attic of peaceful palace afresh, manage new office of the official as forensic secretary officer.
Peaceful palace also is one of libraries of the biggest international public law on the world -- seat of peaceful palace library. This house and library of the International Court of Justice are different, it is public library, class of summer of institute of The Hague law of nations is in this begin school. Peaceful palace library opens to the outside world in weekday look around. In May 1999, gentleman of Annam of · of U.N. secretary-general Kofi and the history that dean of the International Court of Justice Judge Sidifen Shiweibeier is the International Court of Justice and the other organization that are set in peaceful palace at that time and working museum begin. This museum is located in this building south compartment.
The generation of the International Court of Justice is the crystallization of the long-term process that with settling international dispute with square type this develops gradually.
Before the International Court of Justice arises, the way that peace settles dispute between common country basically is negotiation, mediatory with reconcile. But besides, the settlement conflict refers judicial authority, the notion that rules according to law by its is ancient already had. This kind of practice calls the arbitration. Think generally, contemporary arbitration only then the outstanding Yi pact that 1794 the United States of America and England sign, namely United States flower " friendly have trade relations is nautical treaty " . The mixture committee that regulation of this one treaty establishs several United States that count by same person and British countryman composition, in order to solve a few pendent problems. The success of these mixture committee is run promoted the arbitration the position that settling international dispute to go up greatly.
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