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Be like dozen of oil to wish 3 a Happy New Year
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One of crow dogs arrive

Flourishing of third defend flourishing cries,

The New Year's Eve signs up for.

Villager of home village or town not nocturnal day,

Domestic home puts fireworks and firecrackers.

Old little smile laughs,

The mobile phone sends signal.

Same head the song is sung today,

Crow the dog arrives.

The dog is troubled by to blessing,

Earthly person knows.

I do not tell average person him,

Dog year the Spring Festival is good!

Secondly the first month of the lunar year 14

14 people enrage the first month of the lunar year bright,

Make friends of inquire after sb's health is busy.

Does the where before the festival of lanterns get together?

Wang Luxiang and have mountain villa.

Yuanxiao is thirdly drunk the lamp

Drunk festive lantern of night of festival of lanterns,

Complacently reunion is complacent person,

Year the section arrives again when cease,

Wine wakes shake hands at parting is invited come spring.