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Aria of National Day golden week
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Aria of National Day golden week

Arrive again the National Day

Still be the golden week

Idle away in seeking pleasure is fully irritated

Look of how about Dong Qiao

Flat westing goes

Next leisurelying and carefree go on all directions

Visit relative today

Tomorrow finds a friend

Come Yao 2 drink 3 talk about the past

Long grow a holiday 7 days

Each shakes leisurely

Ask a travel or stay behind

Of course somebody is joyous

Still get someone anxious

Why is Dan Xinu dirge begged

Life complete turn things upside down

Recreational hard spare time rests

It is good to say the weather is cool however autumn

The world is really wonderful

Landscape does not have enough

Who to see written guarantee big melon receives head *

* notes: Old times of Guizhou north countryside has deep autumn " big melon of knot receiving a head " view, lend instruct the feeling with large results winding-up stage shape.

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