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The building registers way
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The building registers way

People's Republic of China builds a ministry to make

The 168th

" the building registers way " already via building a department the 147th times on January 22, 2008 standing conference discusses through, grant to release now, apply since July 1, 2008.
Build ministry minister Wang Guangdao
Two years on Feburary 15

The building registers way

General principles of the first chapter

The first registers behavior for normative building, safeguard estate to trade safe, protect the legitimate rights and interests of obligee, according to " law of right of matter of People's Republic of China " , " estate of city of People's Republic of China administers a law " , " village and regulation of market town plan and construction " wait for law, administrative regulations, make this way.
This the 2nd method place says the building is registered, it is to show the building registers an orgnaization to mix building right lawfully other ought to the item of account gives on building register the behavior of account.
The building that construction of the 3rd the State Council is in charge of a branch to be in charge of directive, supervisory whole nation registers the job.
Government of people of province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government is built (estate) director branch is in charge of directive, supervisory one's own profession politics the building inside area registers the job.
The 4th building is registered, by the building of building seat the orgnaization that register is dealt with.
This method place says the building registers an orgnaization, it is to show government of people of municipality directly under the Central Government, city, county is built (estate) director branch or the orgnaization that the responsible house that its set registers the job.
The 5th building registers an orgnaization to ought to build the building register that unites inside administrative area originally.
Building register is building right attributive the basis with content, register orgnaization management by the building.
The 6th building registers personnel to ought to have the professional knowledge that with its post photograph gets used to.
Be engaged in a building registering the personnel that examine and verify works, the building that ought to acquire the State Council to build director branch to issue registers mount guard certificate, hold card mount guard.

The 2nd chapter sets commonly

The 7th conduction building is registered, following program undertakes general according to:
(one) application;
(2) accept;
(3) examine and verify;
(4) account at register;
(5) hair card.
The building orgnaization that register thinks when necessary, can undertake announcement with respect to the item that register.
The 8th conduction building is registered, ought to follow the principle that building droit and building take up the subject of land access right inside limits agrees.
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