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Henan is the biggest net silver is adjudged by pilfer case the Agriculture Bank
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The network bank with the biggest province of Henan of dispatch of Chinese court net by pilfer case, in Henan the province obtains court of fine county people to adjudge this afternoon, bank of agriculture of the accused China obtains fine county subbranch of a bank to pay depositor Zhang Lei at adjudicating become effective hind gives inside 3 days deposit reachs what decide to the court decision from September 17, 2007 349000 yuan to give day of Fu Cun fund to press bank of the corresponding period calculative of loan interest rate is corresponding accrual.

Zhang Lei is the general manager that Henan province wins limited company of electric equipment of fine county new power, because business needs, on August 4, 2006, zhang Lei obtains fine county subbranch of a bank to apply for electronic bank individual to register a client to Chinese agriculture bank, lend the name of electronic bank client that remembers card to register his its. On September 17, 2007, zhang Lei discovers its block the deposit that go up 349000 yuan of draw money that be transferred, report a case to the security authorities to public security mechanism instantly. Mechanism of classics public security is investigated, zhang Lei's deposit is turned into what hold a full name to be Ding Jiawei to borrow write down card, and by draw money. That day, zhang Lei asks draw money deposits money namely, ask for many times again after draw money, all be rejected draw money. Zhang Lei immediately catchs Chinese agriculture bank fine county subbranch of a bank to be sued win court of fine county people, the request pays deposit 349000 yuan reach corresponding accrual.

After obtaining court of fine county people to try, think, zhang Lei opens an account in the accused place, register handled electronic bank user, both sides established relationship of deposit deposit contract namely. The accused is in the contract concern between both sides, have the obligation that seasonable draw money deposits money. And in this case, the accused is proving without evidence, zhang Lei deposit is belonged to by the reason of filch below the circumstance that Zhang Lei divulged client letter and corresponding password, its still should assume the civil responsibility that pays deposit in time. Reason Zhang Lei asks to pay deposit 349000 yuan lawsuit the request gives support. Zhang Lei discovered to draw money manages to the accused after deposit is transferred on September 17, 2007, the accused refus not the behavior of draw money, disobeyed its the contract that seasonable draw money deposits money is compulsory, and the agree of loss the accused that is based on this to cause carries compensatory losing responsibility of breach of contract. Zhang Lei asks to rise to press the lawsuit of accrual of computation of interest rate of loan of bank of the corresponding period to request to paying day from September 17, 2007, accord with concerned law provision to give support.

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